We're excited to be able to bring you the very best of products to help you make your guests stay more comfortable - at the very best prices!!!

adj \ˈkəm(p)-fē\

Definition of COMFY

: comfortable <a comfy sofa> <a comfy routine>

Examples of COMFY
1.   <couldn't wait to return home and sleep in his own comfy bed>
2.   <customers are not likely to get too comfy in the restaurant's unforgiving chairs>
Origin of COMFY by shortening & alteration  First Known Use: 1829

Introducing “Comfy” range by Confident Care NZ Ltd

We’re so excited about this range! Finally, we have the best product, at the best price. We can assure you of continuation of supply and all the back up and service you need to ensure you are providing your customers with the best night’s sleep they’ll have away from home.
Our new range so far includes:
      Our Microfibre Ball Fibre Mattress Topper
Put Your Guests on a Cloud for the Night
  • Fully Machine Washable – Warm Wash, Warm Dry
  • 600GSM Polyester Ball Fibre
  • 5cm of comfort
  • Quad Quilted to stop Fibre Ball Movement
  • 230TC 100% Brushed Cotton Outer – so soft
  • Fully fitted with 4 Way Stretch 37cm Elasticised Skirt
  • Side Gussets for Maximum Loft
    Our Microfibre Box Cornered Quilt

·         Fully Machine Washable – Warm Tumble or line dry
·         Perfect for Triple Sheeting
·         Comfy Puff is a light as air yet a warm alternative to down - so cost effective.
·         Superior laundering capabilities ensure stain resistance and easy clean and no ironing required to maintain pristine cleanliness and longevity
·         Soft and snugly your Comfy Quilt will provide years of ongoing service and still look and feel great.
Our Waterproof Breathable Mattress
                                                                       and Pillow Protection range
·         Jersey Knit is the best quality fabric available (so soft, so absorbent and so quiet)
·         Fully Machine Washable – Warm Wash and Warm Dry or line dry
·         Waterproof breathable backing and fully fitting gusset and you can rest assured your bed and mattress is fully protected and
         your guests will be safe and dry
·         Our new Pillow protectors have a breathing gusset on the non zip end eliminating the balloon effect experienced with other products.

EcoKnit Bath Robe
Faux Bamboo


For a luxury soft sensual feeling of Bamboo against your skin, now without the price tag!
Developed with EcoKnit Technology this sumptuous Bamboo fabric is designed to compliment
your guests Spa experience or Hotel stay
Indulge your Guests in a bit of luxury.
- 100% Faux Bamboo
- Perceived High value to your guests (for a low cost)
- Quick Drying, up to 50% quicker than Cotton products
- Energy Saving, up to 50% saving in energy consumption in drying
- Shrink Resistant (No Shrinkage) Perfect for embroideries
- Snag Resistant, no fraying of the edges or loops snagging
- Longer Life (2/3 times that of cotton products)
- Eco Friendly, less CO2 emissions from quick drying
- Soft, Sensual & Comfortable to the skin
- Perfect for pampering your guests!
- (* Polyester Rayon Blend)