We're excited to be able to bring you the very best of products to help you make your guests stay more comfortable - at the very best prices!!!


adj \ˈkəm(p)-fē\


Definition of COMFY

: comfortable <a comfy sofa> <a comfy routine>

Examples of COMFY

1.   <couldn't wait to return home and sleep in his own comfy bed>

2.   <customers are not likely to get too comfy in the restaurant's unforgiving chairs>

Origin of COMFY by shortening & alteration  First Known Use: 1829

Synonyms: comfortable, cosy, cushy, easy, snug, soft

Introducing “Comfy” range by Confident Care NZ Ltd

We’re so excited about this range! Finally, we have the best product, at the best price. We can assure you of continuation of supply and all the back up and service you need to ensure you are providing your customers with the best night’s sleep they’ll have away from home.

Our new range so far includes:

      Our Microfibre Ball Fibre Mattress Topper

Put Your Guests on a Cloud for the Night

  • Fully Machine Washable – Warm Wash, Warm Dry
  • 600GSM Polyester Ball Fibre
  • 5cm of comfort
  • Quad Quilted to stop Fibre Ball Movement
  • 230TC 100% Brushed Cotton Outer – so soft
  • Fully fitted with 4 Way Stretch 37cm Elasticised Skirt
  • Side Gussets for Maximum Loft

    Our Microfibre Box Cornered Quilt

·         Fully Machine Washable – Warm Tumble or line dry

·         Perfect for Triple Sheeting

·         Comfy Puff is a light as air yet a warm alternative to down - so cost effective.

·         Superior laundering capabilities ensure stain resistance and easy clean and no ironing required to maintain pristine cleanliness and longevity

·         Soft and snugly your Comfy Quilt will provide years of ongoing service and still look and feel great.


Our Waterproof Breathable Mattress

                                                                       and Pillow Protection range

·         Jersey Knit is the best quality fabric available (so soft, so absorbent and so quiet)

·         Fully Machine Washable – Warm Wash and Warm Dry or line dry

·         Waterproof breathable backing and fully fitting gusset and you can rest assured your bed and mattress is fully protected and

         your guests will be safe and dry

·         Our new Pillow protectors have a breathing gusset on the non zip end eliminating the balloon effect experienced with other products.

Michelle’s blurble:

Long overdue is this missive.

Well it has been a long summer, that is, a long, wet and windy summer that many of us wish was over.  We do hope you have fared well and had some kind of a break or holiday to relax with family and friends.

Our customers report having suffered the effects of the dire weather, with cancellations and holidaymakers packing up early and heading for the dry walls of home, others have fared better than usual with more people staying in towns and of course the fabulous South of the South Island who enjoyed record sun hours and temperatures and increased visitor numbers.

Our business – Confident Care:

So, we’re well into 2012 and in the final quarter of our first full business year of Confident Care. In August we’ll have been in business for 2 years and we’re still finding it all challenging, interesting and fun too.

The Cotton Crisis during last year hit us all severely. It’s unlikely we’ll see the low prices we previously enjoyed, however we are happy that our next shipment of our “preferred” EcoKnit Towelling range will enjoy a slight decrease in pricing, look out for our flyer soon. And more good news – we are finally bringing in EcoKnit in the most requested Latte colour. Our stock is due in next month but if you want to be sure of securing your order we are taking back orders now.

Our very own new bedding protection and comfort range “Comfy” including Comfy Puff Toppers, Comfy Quilts and Comfy Dry Protectors are our next step in providing you and your guests with the best night’s sleep away from home. Using best and well proven materials and designs this range will surprise you with the quality, durability and the price!

The biggest change we’ve seen and encouraged is the move away from cumbersome and usually dirty Quilted Bedspreads to Triple Sheeting, call us for more information about this technique which provides perfectly clean bedding every guest change and costs so much less than buying and maintaining bedspread sand duvet set-ups. You’ll find lots of information if you Google Triple Sheeting and we have helpful information and products to assist here on our website.

If you want to know more about these or any of our products or ideas do give us a call.

We’ve added exponentially to our product ranges, and keep on doing so, our latest additions being are the Autex Carpet range, and even a range of portable toilets.

Now we’re bringing in more of our own ranges we’ve grown too big for our warehouse and so we’re on the trail of a good new home for our business before the end of the year and to last well into the future. We’ve decided this will probably mean building one! So another journey starts, we’ll keep you posted.

With the Katrina Gordon Trade Shows being cancelled this year (and for the last half of last year) it has and will continue to be a problem for us to get around the country to meet as many of you as possible and show you our stuff.

We are planning several small type “show and tells” along with Sleepyhead so will let you know when we’ll be popping up in your town. We do have the HAPNZ (Holiday and Parks Association of NZ) on in Queenstown 19th – 22nd June so we do hope to see as many of you southerners as possible there – all are welcome and we’ll let you know when the Trade Exhibition is open.

Until then and wherever you are, take care of yourselves and each other, Kia Kaha through the rough times, Aroha each other and take the time to enjoy the good ones!

Michelle & Paul

On a personal note:

In February we celebrated our beautiful daughter Ashleigh’s wedding in Wellington (see pic) to our new son-in-law Galu and spent time with our dear wee grandson Madden making up their family so far. 

We are so thrilled to see them as the hardworking fun-loving and loving young family they are. Surely these are some of the good things that life is all about?

We were also reflecting on our good fortune at the end of January (reliving if you will our scary event in the floods of Cyclone Wilma Jan 2011) when Paul very nearly lost his life again.  A welding incident saw my Dads boat Blue Heaven, blow up so to speak and once again Paul was spared by an action of just few seconds that removed him from the full blast and flying 5mm Aluminium pieces.  So while he is still waiting for an ear op to try and repair his damaged drum and the welder and his worker have some injuries to deal with we are all extremely grateful for their lives.  The boat is a write off as you’ll see in the pic. A word of warning to all you boaties, do check out your boat policy’s wording around liability whilst under repair.

Fishing and indeed boating has been difficult this summer, our bar has been closed more often than open it seems, most of our club comps have been postponed and eventually cancelled including our Inaugural Big Game Comp – most disappointing, and with our boat being decommissioned and our smaller one having ongoing mechanical problems we have sometimes wondered if we really are living in one of NZ’s fishing Mecca’s after all! Oh well it can only get better.

Our garden however has flourished with all the extra water and we’ve been picking, freezing, relishing, saucing and gorging it seems for weeks. Our tomatoes are still providing and so are the green and butter beans. We’re still picking grapes and believe it or not Brussels Sprouts.  All our new pepper and chilli plants have been prolific fruiters and the Black Boy and Golden Queen Peach trees gave us a bumper crop of large juicy fruit. Just the Feijoas (which surprisingly haven’t done as well as last year) and the Tamerillos to process and then we’ll be well into the winter gardening!


 Hey!  How are you doing? Is it Mid Winter Blues or Happy Mid Winter Xmas???

Almost as scary as watching the Price of Cotton rocket skywards over the last several months has been the realisation that the year 2011 is nearly halfway gone!

Apart from all the usual adages and moans about time whizzing by faster each year, midyear is a good time to take stock of ourselves and our businesses and have a look at where the over busy road is taking us or rather are we in control?

Most of us in small business spend vast amounts of time working in our businesses rather than on our businesses.

At a big old family Mid Winter Xmas Dinner on Saturday over Queens Birthday weekend we were discussing this very point   (of course we were at the oldies end of the table, the young ones were just having a blast and maybe that’s the real message to take on!).

Mid year,  particularly in our industries, is traditionally a bit of a breather time, we’ve seen the last long weekend until October, hopefully we’ve completed our end of year accounts

(our very first in our case!) and they’re off at the accountants,  and we often use this time to get lots of extra and annual housekeeping jobs completed or at least started, maybe we’re doing renovations or improvements, we may spend a little more time on training, some of us are even off away to warmer climes for a holiday (probably the only one a lot of you have had over recent years).  The rest of us trudge on feeling the cold, plugging away and perhaps hoping things will get better for the next half year.

With World Cup Fever ramping up and our industries and providers gearing up for the onslaught perhaps it is time to reflect on what we can all be doing more efficiently and effectively in our places.  Or perhaps you want to have a look at that new product, that new way of doing something, have a go at trialling something someone said was a good idea.

All of these are good things – if we are passionate about our businesses then we will of course be seeking better ways, better products and exploring new ideas to make guest stays more comfortable and an experience they’ll want to share with others or repeat.

The only constant in life is change – and we’ve been facing a few ourselves lately...

Our movements around the country have been hampered by our main vehicle to show our wares The Katrina Gordon Trade Shows being cancelled in many areas this year. The Christchurch Earthquake and current economic situation has meant these changes and so we have to think of a way to reach as many of our customers as we can, it may be that we bring our own mini Trade Show to each area and invite you all along to view our wares – we’ll keep you posted.  Places we’ll be for sure are down below and on our link: Trade Show list

The “Cotton Crisis” has impacted severely across the board with all suppliers already having to increase prices on all cotton products, some over 100%.  We too will have to increase our EcoKnit Towelling pricing from the next shipment which should be on the water soon.

Our own opinion (if you’re interested) is that Cotton has been too cheap for far too long, world events both economical and by nature, and modernisation/westernisation? of the people used to make this fibre has finally impacted on what truly must be one of the least green but less often considered products used by mankind – along with White Sugar and White Flour, but that’s enough opinion.

What we are doing is seeking alternatives to cotton – and there are a few out there - whether they’ll prove to be a reasonable alternative to cotton and be able to meet the stringent requirements our customers demand  economically, environmentally whilst retaining quality levels will remain to be seen,  but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

The fact remains that we’re facing a goodly period of market volatility, price increases and problems with continuous supply and as covered at the beginning of this newsletter we should all be looking for better ways to do things.

We believe our future will depend on it.

The words out about EcoKnit!!

We believe in EcoKnit – the only KNITTED (not woven) towelling available in NZ – our investment in this range is proving worthwhile with feedback overwhelmingly positive and proving our (although proven internationally) claims that this is the BEST and MOST ECONOMICAL & ECOLOGICAL White Commercial Towelling available in New Zealand. 

Do ask us about EcoKnit and do ask for a sample if you’re looking to turn your towelling soon.

If you’re new to the business of accommodation EcoKnit is simply wonderful, long life towelling.

Always fluffy, quick drying and guaranteed for 2 years – this is the towelling of today and into the future of a cleaner, longer life world.

 Find out more at our website www.ecoknit.co.nz

Now, if only we could get them in colours you say!! – Sorry not yet available but we are hoping to be able to supply these in the future – then all of our customers will be happy. As the only NZ Agent for knitted towelling in NZ we will continue to invest in this robust range.

Do beware, if somebody claims to have a new knitted towelling range it is not EcoKnit and unlikely to contain EcoKnit’s unique properties.

New Products

UV Light

Now, Bed Bugs make me sick however we (Paul) like the new and Interesting (maybe quirky if you like) but also essential products and with the ongoing Bed Bug and in turn “Hygiene and Cleanliness” being

THE hotly discussed issues that won’t go away now – we’ve got in these UV Torches that find greeblies and nasties when shone in a dark room. 

Check them out on http://www.confidentcarenz.co.nz/cleaning/uv_torch.html


Yes, we have taken on the Autex range of commercial carpets, these are proven and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them to you directly.

Check the range and detail out on our website link:


So where can you see us?

We’ll be at the following shows with our ranges for you to see and touch – most important to help you make those buying decisions- we hope many of you can make it along to these shows, if you need  further details please contact us.

Katrina Gordon Trade Shows for remainder of 2011:

Dunedin                    14 June

Invercargill                16 June

Christchurch                    7 Sept

Holiday Accommodation Parks NZ Conference:

HAPNZ Wgtn        6-8 July

Remember, we’re more than happy to send out samples of many our goods on a sale or you return basis, we know how difficult it is to get away to shop for goods and it’s hard to buy without seeing,  feeling and even trying the products.

Whatever you’re doing for the next few weeks we know it will only get busier so let’s all enjoy it, keep warm, get some sun on our skin and eat, drink and rest well!

Trio’s gratitude for their lives

From the front: Paul Rae, Michelle Jago, Helen Wight with the Kaiwaka Volunteer Fire Service Crew who saved their lives during Cyclone Wilma on 29th January 2011.

If you read of our narrow escape and daring rescue on last month’s news page then this is the update.

One month after the rescue, on Monday 28th February Paul & Michelle and their friend Helen went along to the Kaiwaka Fire Service regular meeting to give thanks and to donate funds raised from their EcoKnit Towel sales during the month of February.

The three were returning to Mangawhai from a concert in Dargaville when their car was swept off the road between Settlement Road and Hakaru Bridge. They managed to call Emergency Services and get onto the roof of the car where they awaited rescue for over an hour and a half in rising raging flood waters. The rescue was precarious, the Fire Service crew said, and there was a time when the three really thought they were facing death.

Thankfully they were saved with the Fire Service using a Huge John Deere Tractor and ropes thrown to winch the three across the raging flood into the tractor.

The car was shortly thereafter fully submerged and was covered by at least 1.5metres of water before the flood abated.

Along with the donation from their Towel Sales for the month Paul & Michelle also gave the Kaiwaka Volunteer Fire Service their car which was a write off and several hundred further dollars were raised from having it scrapped.

They are also committed to supporting local Volunteer Fire Services into the future.

Nothing we can give or do can give back enough to these guys or their families who so selflessly put their own lives at risk for us


Well, this month’s news is our story below of how we nearly came to lose our lives in the storms and floods last Friday night 28th January 2011.

This is the story more or less as it will appear in our local paper this week.

Don't you go out in the rain

Don't go out in the pourin' rain

If you go out in the rain

You never get that time again......

After singing along to Dragons smash hit, “Don’t you go out in the rain” at their concert on Friday night at Turiwuri Packing Shed near Dargaville, 3 good friends from Mangawhai wished they hadn’t.

On their way home to Mangawhai Heads, new locals husband and wife Paul Rae and Michelle Jago and good friend Helen Wight (soon to be local again) were swept into a raging flood between Settlement Road and Hakaru Bridge just before midnight.

 The car lodged against a fence sideways and started to fill with water while Michelle phoned *555 and they scrambled to get out, A scary few minutes when the electrics went and Michelle’s leg got stuck in the window they all reached the safety of the cars top right hand side as the car had settled against the fence.

After what seemed like a long time in pitch dark with no idea what to do a kind person arrived on the side the trio had entered the flood with a torch shining towards them. Although they couldn’t hear or really see him it did gave them some comfort and showed them that the distance between them and the nearest ground was some way and the water was raging all around them into the Hakaru River.

Then the flashing lights of the Kaiwaka Volunteer Fire Service arrived.  They set up generators and spotlights but couldn’t reach them and they also couldn’t hear the Fire Fighters shouts over the noise of the raging water and heavy rain.  Not knowing whether to jump for it or stay with the car, they decided on the latter but started making plans of a fence line to try to aim for if they had to jump or got swept off the car.

The fence line disappeared as the water rose and that slim hope faded.

The group were clinging to the top corner of their car for around 1.5 hours in total as Fire Fighters on one side watched in vain and couldn’t reach them.

A tractor headed into the water from the Hakaru Bridge side to try to get to them but had to turn back as it was being lifted from the road by the raging torrent.

Then a Big John Deere with 3 brave men on board and the brightest lights ever seen inched out towards the group.  They got close enough to throw ropes so each of the group could jump into the raging waters and be pulled to safety.

The water was waist deep and rising when they left the car and the car was completely submerged shortly afterwards.

All aboard and then they started backing up towards the bridge (no mean feat with a few scary patches on the way) and higher ground.


Cold shaken and bruised the trio were given a ride home to find their back yard so flooded they couldn’t get under the house to get the spare key.

The couple’s new business located in a warehouse on Molesworth Drive was also flooded though with just some minor stock damage.

The uninsured car ( our company car!) is a wreck and everything in it has gone including Pauls infamous Purple Crocs, only just recovered after a burglary over Xmas.

Helen has since discovered she has popped 2 ribs and is receiving treatment for this and her strained back.

Michelle’s bruising particularly on the thigh that was stuck in the window is a vivid reminder of the experience which so nearly cost them all their lives.

“We are very very lucky people” Michelle says “We have our lives and we owe our eternal gratitude to those brave men and their families who put their lives at risk to save ours, and of course all of the Fire Service and others who were involved in our rescue.  We had a very narrow escape and our lives are undeniably altered” says Michelle.

The trio want to meet the “guys” who saved them and also the person with the torch to say Thank you for staying nearby. 

  If anyone can help or you know who this person is please get in touch with the Mangawhai Focus who have Michelle and Paul’s numbers.

 The group wanted to share this experience with others and give this advice:

Lesson Number 1: Don’t go out in pouring rain

Lesson Number Two: Do NOT enter flood water on roads

Lesson Number Three: Get out of the vehicle as fast as possible but stay with it if at all possible.

We have been told that another 15 minutes or so (after the car was submerged) and we would have been swept away and there would have been no chance for us.

We have been told if we had jumped off the car we would have been swept away and drowned.

We were so very lucky and those men are so brave - we owe them our lives.

So, after all of that, Happy February everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day too, spoil your loved ones, but show them you love them and tell them every day,  you just never know when they may not be there for another chance.

Paul & Michelle



P.O. Box 401-017, Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai 0541     09 431 5199