Vacuum Cleaners

GD5 – Backpack Vacuum

Low sound level for operator comfort and cleaning in noise sensitive areas
Good filtration with HEPA filter option
Suitable for left or right handed
15 metre detachable cable with safety release saves time
User friendly vacuum cleaner and a harness that is ergonomically designed reduces fatigue
Product details                                          
Rated power (W)                                       1300     
Airflow (L/sec)                                           41         
Cable length (m)                                       15         
Weight (kg)                                                4.2        
Vacuum at nozzle (kPa)                           24         
Dust bag capacity (L)                               5           
Main filter area (cm²)                                1400     
Suction power motor (W)                        255       
Suction power end of tube (W)              240       
Length x width x height (mm)                 380x260x570

Nilfisk  VP300
Best-in-class filling capacity which means less time spent changing dust bags
Weighs from just 5 kg making it easy to move from place to place
Low sound pressure level from 58 dB(A) makes the machine suitable for daytime cleaning
Secure and easy to reach accessory and power cord storage
Detachable orange cord on selected variants
Dual speed for tailored use in a wider variety of applications
VP300 can be carried safely and comfortably in one hand
140 8244 500 Brush Nozzle Kit
147 0146 500 Crevice Nozzle
140 8492 520 Combi Nozzle Kit
107403804 Telescopic Tube
147 0765 500 Complete Black Hose
107402902 HEPA Filter
147 2432 500 Sack Filter Complete

VP600 STD3 (rewindable cord) with HEPA Filter

330/550W or 730/330 fan unit with energy rating ranging from A++ to A
Dual speed function for optimized power consumption and cleaning performance
HEPA exhaust filter as standard
New magnetic closing of dust compartment securing high reliability and ease of use
Available with standard cord, detachable cord or cord rewind
Best in class sound quality

147 0765 500 Hose Complete
011 8130 500 Telescopic Tube Aluminium
107413075 Combination Nozzle
147 0146 500 Crevice Nozzle
140 8244 500 Brush Nozzle
107402942 HEPA Filter H13
107413077 Dust bags Paper (one included)