No Bed Bugs Surface Spray Concentrate

4 Litres will do the average size room
1 Litre Concentrate   – makes 40 litres
5 Litre Concentrate   – makes 200 litres
20 Litre Concentrate -  makes 800 litres

When used as directed NO Bed Bugs poses no danger to humans or pets,
and once dry does not stain or smell

NO Bed Bugs Box

The NO Bed Bugs Total Solution Box is the complete solution for a bed bug infestation. The box contains 100ml NO Bed Bugs spray concentrate; enough to make up 4 litres of spray, a NO Bugs Borafume fumigator to flush out bed bugs from their hiding places and detailed advice on eliminating bed bugs and instructions on the use of the products

NO Bugs Borafume Fumigator

For the control of borer beetle during flight season (October - March) and other insects at all times. Good control of a borer infestation in a building's floor or roof space can be achieved by using Borafume fumigators each year.
The fumigator is activated by a reaction between water and a chemical inside the container.  The vapour produced by the fumigator will kill adult borer and other flying or crawling insects present at the time of its activation (including cluster flies,bed bugs and silverfish). 
Borafume emits a vapour, dispersing the active ingredient uniformly throughout a large space and penetrating into every nook and corner, killing and controlling insects that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The vapour does not stain walls, carpets, or furniture etc.


Kiwicare Bed Bug products do not contain organophosphates similar to chlorpyrifos recently (May 2011) implicated in the deaths of tourists in Thailand.
NO Bed bugs products contain safe active ingredients approved for control of bed bugs in bedrooms by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)