single dimensions

Double dimensions

Resort Hammocks - Guaranteed Weather-Proof

The Single, Double & Chair Resort Hammocks are hand-woven with a strong 3 ply x 8mm polyester cord (not polypropylene). Polypropylene discolours and has a limited life in Sunlight.

Shorea hardwood (certified plantation timber) Spreader-Bars are used to support the hammock netting.
The woven hammock bed is dynamic and not knotted, so the cords will move and adjust to support the user.

Durable Marine-Grade Components
The Resort Hammock is supplied with '316' grade (rust-free) Stainless O-rings and link chains, and includes 2 x 1400 kg polyester ropes for secure set up.

Polyester Rope will not mildew or rot in humid climates and offers durability not possible with cotton.

Its distinctive white colour has a fresh/cool summer look.

Double – Hanging distance required – 4m (13ft) Load Limit – 250kg

Single – Hanging distance required – 3.5m (11' 6") Load limit 150kg

Caution: The timber Spreader-Bars will not take any body weight – they are designed to allow the bed-cords to move and conform to body shape as the loading increases.

Colour: White Polyester