Microfibre Benefits & Advantages

                   WHY MICROFIBRE?

In terms of using for Hotel/Motel Bedding Microfibre is IDEAL

1) Soft and Luxurious Down Alternative – because it’s an extremely fine fibre it feels SO SOFT!

2) Non-Allergenic – Microfibre has negligible dust shedding. As with any synthetic product there is no shedding of fibre dust which aggravates asthma and other allergies. Cotton and Down fibres are constantly breaking leaving their fine dust and debris particles in the bedroom.

3) Extremely Strong & Durable - Withstands high volume wash/dry cycles, easily achieving a 2 year guarantee provided the care instructions are followed.


Quicker to wash and Dry than other fibres i.e. Cotton, Down & Feather etc. Microfibre is ultrafine – the microscopic size of the microfibers permits them to not only feel luxuriously soft but also clean better as they release dirt and crime much quicker and easier than other fibres. PLUS!! Microfiber repels moisture so it almost spins DRY!! Easily able to be laundered in the morning and back on the bed in the afternoon! See care instructions below
5) Wrinkle Free – due to the fineness of the fibres they don’t require high temperature pressing, in fact you will find that microfibre bedding needs no pressing at all! It will look fabulous straight out of the dryer.

6) Stain Resistant – because it’s moisture repellent stains due to coffee, wine, orange juice etc are easily washed out as they aren’t able to adhere to the fibres.

7) Cost effective – Microfibre is one of the most competitively priced fibres for bedding on the market which delivers longevity!