Black Light Stain Detector:
 Instantly see organic contamination like urine stains, mould and other organic stains that the naked eye cannot detect.

 It's amazing and scary at the same time.
 If you cannot see the stains, you cannot eliminate them
  “360nm wavelength”  
Black Light Stain Detector can identify the location of mould, bacteria, urine, and many other contaminants.
Many times there is an odour in a room, but it may not be clear where it is coming from.
Black Light Stain Detector can help determine the location of an odour and make the remediation job easier.
These professional ultraviolet lamps are designed to display ultraviolet light in long wave frequencies.
Long wave UV light is required to find contaminants such as urine and mould.

UV Detection of Mould

UV Detection of Bacteria

UV Detection Of……….