Why Triple Sheeting

Triple-Sheeting is the way of the future for all beds in the Accommodation Sector. It is a hygienic system of changing a room, resulting in a bright and fresh bed that guests find professional and modern.
Bedspreads and Duvet Covers have proven to collect dirt, absorbing everything from odours,
body fluids, food and beverage spills, dust and grime. They are also expensive to replace and
Triple Sheeting is an easy system to manage for both housekeeping and laundry. Three sheets and a blanket or throw are used to create the look, which can all be changed and easily laundered after each guest.
Your guests will appreciate the modern, clean and look of the bed. With a few simple accessories
your rooms will have a fresh modern look.


Here is one easy step-by-step process to Triple Sheet a bed.
In this process, we use a Microfibre Box Cornered Continental Blanket but it is possible to use a Blanket instead. If using a standard bed & base, fit the Valance to the base before you begin. You can now get Sleepyhead Beds with a Plain Coloured Base – no more moving Valances.

1. A fitted or a flat sheet goes on the top mattress, in the usual way.

2. A flat sheet goes on next. Standing at the foot of the bed, shake out the sheet until it lays evenly over the bed. Adjust the sheet until a similar length hangs down either side of the mattress.
Stand at the head of the bed and lift the sheet until the top hem in pulled up to meet the headboard. Return to the foot of the bed and ensure the sheet is smooth on the bed.

3. The blanket goes on third. Repeat the previous step for the blanket, but the top hem should be
about 15 cm (about two hand widths) short of the headboard.

4. The third flat sheet goes over the blanket. Repeat Step 2 for this top sheet, once again adjusting the sheet until the top hem meets the headboard.

5. Fold the top of the sheets back 15cm. This is folding just the sheets, not including the blanket.

6. Fold back another 15 cm. This time both the sheets and blankets fold. The result is the sheets
are folded twice, but the blanket only once.

7. Tuck in both top sheets and the blanket in the usual way, being careful to create neat corners
at the foot of the bed.

8. Place the pillows on the bed.

9. The result iis a very white bed.

Enhance your interior design with a BedRunner with co-ordinating cushions.


Use a Box Cornered Continental or blanket, not a duvet. Boxed Cornered Microfibre Continental Blankets are quicker and easier to make the bed with and they are easily and cheaply to launder frequently. Blankets make it easier to get nice, crisp corners and are better suited to our climate. Duvets  create bulky corners, and are much more difficult to launder frequently.

Use the same sheeting for all 3 layers. This makes the laundry process simple, allowing for quick and easy storage, sorting and changing rooms.

Want to refresh the look of your rooms more often? A simple, cost effective way is to change just the BedRunner and cushion cover.