Decord and Widetrack are premium-grade 100% polypropylene ribbed carpets designed to provide firm grip even in slippery and wet conditions.
Waterproof and highly UV resistant, they will stand up to the most punishing of outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and sun, year after year.
Originally developed by Autex as heavy-duty specialty marine carpets, Decord and Widetrack are now used extensively in other commercial environments.
Heavy-ribbed and non-slip for indoor and outdoor use
Decord is a wide-rib carpet and Widetrack a super-wide rib, both available in a good colour range of two-tone stripes.
Their heavy-ribbed non-slip profiles make both carpets ideal for indoor and outdoor ramps, steps, walkways and entranceways.

Their solid construction also makes them suitable for heavy traffic environments such as garages and for a wide range of marine uses including boat decks, gangways, ramps and pontoons.

      Product Specifications

Description: Heavy duty ribbed carpet especially suited for non slip environments

Suitability: Commercial, marine, education, ramps, walkways, entranceways, mats

Product Benefits: Extensive colour range, design freedom with inlays, borders and logos, will not rot, fade resistant, lifetime anti-run and anti-fray warranties, UV Stabilised to minimise the effects of fading

Fibre: 100% polypropylene fibre
Total Product Weight: 1260gsm
Total Nominal Thickness: 7mm
Product Width: 2 metres
Roll Length: 25 metres
Moisture Absorption: 0.006%, will not rot or smell

Fire Ratings:
AS1530 Part 3:
Spread of Flame (Index 0-10) 0
Smoke Developed (Index 0-10) 5
- Tested June 1996, Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)
ISO 9239
Average Critical Radiant Flux: 5.0kW/m²
Average Smoke Obscuration: 379%. min
- Tested September 2004, CSIRO

Care and Maintenance: Ask Confident Care NZ Ltd for an Autex Carpet Care and Maintenance brochure, or download a copy from our website

Installation: We recommend all Autex Carpets to be installed in accordance with AS/NZS:2455.1.2007 Textile floor coverings - installation practice.

Ask Confident Care NZ Ltd for an Autex Carpet Installation brochure, or download a copy from our website.

Quality Standards: Autex is committed to Quality and Environmental best practice through our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

General: Test result certificates are available upon request.

All Decord colours are available in Widetrack rib finish (subject to minimum order quantities). For further information about our complete range of quality carpet, contact Confident Care NZ Ltd


Light Grey
Molten Red


Storm Grey
Blue Jeans
Day Break


Sea Green